Nov. 10 MTA Hearing on Proposed RPP Area Q

RPP Area Q_0

The proposed Residential Parking Permit, Area Q, would be established in Alamo Square and North of the Panhandle neighborhoods to reduce commuter parking and long-term car storage in the area.

Update: ASNA Board of Directors has written a letter to SFMTA in opposition to excluding the Park-Side parking spots on park-adjacent streets around Alamo Square from the Residential Permit Parking proposal (Scott, Fulton, Steiner, Hayes).

If you cannot attend the hearing please email your input to


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4 Responses to Nov. 10 MTA Hearing on Proposed RPP Area Q

  1. Divis A. Dero says:

    So, I’m just wondering, what are commuters supposed to do? Are we literally saying you can’t commute by car into the neighborhood at all now? Because there are zero parking lots. There’s not even one single option. Are we really ok with saying “screw you car commuters, take muni or quit your job”? Is that maybe a tad shortsighted for the neighborhood? Like, many of our neighborhood businesses rely on a certain, small amount of staff to commute in. What’s the impact on those small local businesses?

  2. Madeline D. says:

    Thanks for the information. I am planning to attend on Monday. This change would actually make me drive more often! Currently I carpool to work everyday. Most days, I leave my car near my home in Alamo Square and commute to Pleasanton with co-workers. This change would mean that I’d have to drive more often, because I won’t have a place to leave my car.

  3. Ari Cushner says:

    *A copy of my email to Kathryn Studwell:

    To whom it may concern,

    The Alamo Square Neighborhood Association Board of Directors has written a letter to the SFMTA stating its opposition to excluding all park-side spots on streets surrounding Alamo Square Park (Scott, Fulton, Steiner, and Hayes). I would like to add my voice to the ASNA’s opposition.

    I have lived on the 600 block of Steiner Street for nearly 35 years, and parking near my house is a nightmare; I am in favor of including my block/neighborhood within a new RPP Area Q. However, I strongly oppose the SFMTA’s recent addendum to the original proposal to exclude all park-side spots on streets surrounding Alamo Square Park. Since I live less than one block from Alamo Square, I use parking spaces next to the park on a regular basis (usually on Steiner or Hayes, but sometimes also on Scott or Fulton).

    When I voted in favor of RPP, excluding these parking spaces from Area Q was not one of the options presented. How and why the change appeared in the final proposal is a mystery. Had the option to exclude park-side spaces been presented initially, I would not have voted for it, and I suspect it would have been soundly defeated by neighborhood residents. To make these parking spaces 2-hour only and not accessible for permitted vehicles would effectively negate the benefits of living in RPP Area Q. Simply put, if this amended proposal is the only option, then I would rather have no RPP at all.

    From what I can tell, the only item within official guidelines that addresses this issue can be found on page 12 of the Policies for On-Street Parking and Management, which states that when considering RPP proposals, the SFMTA will asses “Contextual factors such as nearby schools, hospitals, major sports venues, new developments, or public parks.”

    Click to access 20120828SFMTAPoliciesforOn-StreetParkingManagement.pdf

    Since Alamo Square Park has recently become a popular destination for tourists and residents from other neighborhoods, it seems likely that the proposed RPP exclusions are aimed at accommodating those visitors. If that is the case, it would be fairer and more sensible to follow existing practices in place surrounding other parks within RPP zones. For example next to Duboce Park, which is in Area S, 2-hour parking restrictions are in place except for permitted cars. The same policy is in place around Alta Vista Park, which is in area G. Around Dolores Park, also in Area S, the problem of public access is solved by having no restrictions on any spaces adjacent to the park.

    I urge the SFMTA to treat the residents of Alamo Square the same as those who live near these similar parks. Either extend RPP to include the area around the park or exclude it from all restrictions, but please to do not allow park-side spaces to fall within a 2-hour zone without allowing Area Q permits.

    Thank you for your time.

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