ASNA History

Neighbors formed the Alamo Square Neighborhood Association in 1963 to successfully defeat dual threats to the area: “Measure D” which proposed leveling a good portion of Alamo Square for a playing field and the planned construction of the Panhandle Freeway which would have levelled buildings along Fell Street including, of course, Sacred Heart Church.

Not long after, the neighborhood association waged a successful battle to keep redevelopment’s bulldozers from razing the neighborhood’s Victorians and instead, pursuaded the City to extend residents rehabilitation loans under the FACE program (Federally Assisted Code Enforcement)

These were our earliest accomplishments and we have continued to represent and protect the neigborhood’s interest to the present day.

— Joe Pecora, ASNA Newsletter


The Storied Houses of Alamo Square is Joe Pecora’s book, published in 2014, and filled with the house histories that once graced the pages of the neighborhood newsletter.  Brimming with details about who lived where, the book is a peek at the jigsaw puzzle that makes up our neighborhood’s history, a must-have for any Alamo Square aficionado.

Available for purchase:

Browser Books, Fillmore St. off Sacramento St.
Green Arcade, Market St. near Gough St.
Books Inc., Laurel Village, Opera Plaza, Castro (Market St.), and the Marina

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Or buy one directly from Joe at the upcoming Alamo Square Flea Market (details coming soon).