RPP Follow Up

Results are in from the RPP Survey.  We will review this information for discussion at the ASNA Meeting on Monday, July 28 and will ask ASNA members to vote on how to proceed with this process.  Thank you.

564 responses; 46 skipped the question, “Please indicate your support for RPP.”
Option 1: 9am-6pm, 2-hr time limit, with 3-hr time limits around merchant corridor and parks
478 responses
151 Strongly Support (31.59%)
120 Moderately Support (25.1%)
= 271 Strongly/Moderately Support (56.69%)
37 Neutral (7.74%)
42 Moderately Opposed (8.79%)
128 Strongly Opposed (26.78%)
= 168 Strongly/Moderately Opposed (35.57%)
Option 2:  9am-10pm, 2-hour time limit
488 responses
186 Strongly Support (38.11%)
73 Moderately Support (14.96%)
= 259 Strongly/Moderately Support (53.07%)
44 Neutral (9.02%)
32 Moderately Opposed (6.56%)
153 Strongly Opposed (31.35%)
= 185 Strongly/Moderately Opposed (37.91%)
Option 3:  No RPP
409 responses.  144 Strongly Support (35.21%)
23 Moderately Support (5.62%)
= 167 Strongly/Moderately Support (40.83%)
39 Neutral (9.54%)
21 Moderately Opposed (5.13%)
182 Strongly Opposed (44.5%)
= 203 Strongly/Moderately Opposed (49.63%)
You can view the responses on a block-by-block basis here.  Each block shows the preferred option for that block based on responses received.
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3 Responses to RPP Follow Up

  1. Rebecca says:

    Still very much opposed to our block being subjected to RPP. I am retired and home a good deal. Many friends come to visit and stay longer than 2 or 3 hours. How awful it would be if they got tickets!

    NO to RPP on my block of 1300 McAllister.

  2. Dennis says:

    I object to having to pay a yearly fee to park on my own block. In addition, RPP would result in additional signage on the street, adding to visual blight.

  3. lauren says:

    Rebecca, I assume you have a garage which is why you can’t possibly understand how ridiculous your comment is. Based on option 1, your friends can park for as long as they’d like between the hours of 6pm – 9am the following morning.

    Just curious: What about all of the people that work full days and then have to search for parking for over an hour, circling and circling which causes extra traffic and accidents? The need for parking is overwhelmingly bad because there are currently NO restrictions at all.

    Google employees park their cars for a full week and then move them on the weekends because their shuttle picks them up on my street. Not to mention, I am disabled with recent spine surgery and the only areas available for parking at a disabled spot are all the way down on divisadero and fell. Hiking up a huge hill from a spot far from my home, sitting in the car for extended hours to search for parking and nearly getting into accidents and/or fights over trying to get into a spot HAS TO STOP – I’m in excruciating pain and frustrated by the time I finally get home. Where is your empathy for those that have to deal with this daily?

    I’m sorry your friends may need to take an Uber or taxi to enjoy spending time with you – but this parking situation has a negative impact on many people’s lives everyday. Enough is enough and i can’t stand to hear how this will inconvenience the guests that come to visit. It’s just not a good enough excuse when this situation actually impacts the health and wellbeing of your neighbors.

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