RPP Proposal for Alamo Square/North Panhandle

The City’s Transportation Code has four requirements to create any new Residential Permit Parking (RPP) area.  The four requirements can be summarized as follows:

(1) a petition received by at least 250 households; (2) parking occupancy data demonstrating at least 80% of the spaces being occupied; (3) non-resident vehicles being a primary source of the parking problem; and (4) inadequate off-street parking to accommodate resident vehicles.

Neighbors filed a petition with the required number of signatures last year, and SFMTA has finished compiling data in the proposed area (outlined in the image below).  SFMTA has determined that the proposed area qualifies for Residential Permit Parking.


RPP proposed area: Masonic to Webster, and Golden Gate/McAllister to Page

Next Steps

There are basically four questions that need to be asked of the residents: (1) should my block be included in a new RPP zone; (2) if included, what should be the time limit; (3) if included, what should be the hours of the day of the regulation; and (4) if included, which days of the week should have RPP regulations. The regulations do not necessarily need to be the same throughout the entire area, and there may be a desire to have different regulations near Divisadero to address nighttime parking issues.

Alamo Square Neighborhood Association has requested a presentation at our Monday, May 19 meeting by MTA staff so we can review the process and hear the proposed day and hours for RPP enforcement and time limits.  The meeting will be held on Monday, May 19, Oasis Cafe, 901 Divisadero St., with meet and greet at 7 p.m. and the meeting starting at 7:30 p.m.

Update:  We have two preliminary proposals to review on Monday May 19, as a starting point for discussion.  Please note that MTA is only at Step 3 of their process and will use input to develop an RPP proposal for review, followed by a community meeting.


Proposal 1:
Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m., 2-hour time limit
3-hour time limit around parks and adjacent to commercial corridors


Proposal 2:
Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-10 p.m.


Under either proposal, RPP will not apply to metered spots on Divisadero Street (shown in green).

To view MTA’s data collection, please see the attached link: Alamo Square RPP block Summary.


How much does a permit cost?

Are visitor permits available?

Can we get a permit for our Nanny/Caregiver?

I do not live within the area but I work there and require a vehicle for work, can I still get a permit?

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12 Responses to RPP Proposal for Alamo Square/North Panhandle

  1. Liberty says:

    Cutting out the block between Page and Haight will make the residents like myself on Steiner and other streets suffer.
    The zone needs to butt up to the S zone.
    This is a really big deal.
    E.g. Our building has over 20 tenants and our physical address is 399 Steiner but we take up a bit of Page St. (Although we’ve no Page st address or gate.)

    Would we be eligible?
    Or would we be doomed to fight for the handful of spots that are between Page and Haight alongside all of the people that work in the neighborhood?
    It’s nearly impossible as it is now to park on the block and we have to go in the newly proposed zone area to park. (Because we butt up to the S zone now and can’t park there even if it’s within sight of our window!)
    Also not butting up to the S zone on Haight means we are a target for increased noise, traffic, animosity and whatnot.

  2. Liberty says:

    You need to edit the survey to be able to choose Steiner between Haight and Page as this affects us all.

    • alamosq says:

      Thank you for your input. The study area was already completed but I believe we can add blocks like this that were left out. MTA will notify us about this process.

  3. Richard Zillman says:

    (A) this is a poorly-designed survey where the only possible answers are misleading.
    (B) California State law needs to be amended to allow for reasonable permit parking in the neighborhood. Without the amendments, the permit parking would be relatively meaningless.
    There may be more, but the amendments need to address:
    (i) A permit cannot be obtained at a property that contains a garage.
    (ii) Only one permit can be issued per address.
    (iii) The above requirements can be appealed if need can be shown (For example, two people living at the same address with employment outside San Francisco.)
    (C) Permit Parking needs to be viewed as a Band-Aid measure. It will only somewhat help the long-term problem. It needs to be clearly understood that Muni, bicycling and walking are not workable solutions for everyone.

    San Francisco needs to make good use of the City’s resources for residents, merchants and the tourist industry. We need to start work on eventually building garages under at least some of our major parks.

  4. Lk glory says:

    There is not a option between page and height ? So you need to revise the survey for accurate input. There is not enough parking where we live the way it is. I’m handicapped and there is only one handcap parking space within one block and it is always full. Parking is already a nightmare your proposal would only compound the parking situation !!!

  5. AC says:

    I have lived in the proposed area for 7 years and do not have a car. When I need a car, I will often borrow one from a friend for several days (or rent if need be). I understand the challenging nature of having a car in our neighborhood but it seems that the permit parking disenfranchises someone like me unless there is some way to get temporary permits.

  6. ES says:

    We are in the same position on the 1000 block of Pierce. The proposed area excludes us, and we are a block away from the P parking area on Turk. By not extending the zone to touch another zone, you’re leaving a lot of people without parking within a block or two of their residences. Especially with the schools and the loading zone rules, and the construction that’s closed the corner of Golden Gate and Pierce for the last year and a half.

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