Wigg Party D5 Debate

Wigg Party D5 Debate

Wednesday, Sept 12, 2012
Harvey Milk Rec Center for the Arts
50 Scott Street (at Duboce)

Visit the Facebook event page:  https://www.facebook.com/events/307110242720289/

The venerable fifth district of San Francisco is electing a Supervisor this November. The Wigg Party (The Wiggle bicycle advocacy group) is hosting a debate to find out where the candidates stand on all the issues we care about: biking, local food, and all things related to sustainability and resilience.

Please join us on the evening of Wednesday September 12th at the Harvey Milk Center for the Arts to learn more about where each candidate stands on these critical issues.

The gathering will begin at 6:45. The actual debate will take place from 7:15-8:45.

This debate will help determine the endorsements that the Wigg Party makes for the fall, and is the second in a series of three co-produced by the D5 Democratic Club, the Wigg Party and the D5 Neighborhood Action Committee.

We hope you will join us to help shape the future of our district and our city!

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5 Responses to Wigg Party D5 Debate

  1. Greg Tobey says:

    How does the Wigg Party have access to the mailing list of the Alamo Square Neighbor’s Association?

    What’s next, a message from the Republican party too?

    I subscribed to receive news regarding Alamo Square Park, not the SF Bicycle Coalition!

  2. gh1 says:

    Hi Greg, ASNA sends emails regarding events in the neighborhood, and this is one of them. The Wiggle cuts through the Alamo Square neighborhood.

  3. Bob says:

    I agree with Greg. I think that the SF Bicycle Coalition has zero interest in livability and quality of life in our neighborhood. They are ONLY interested in making sure the awful bike lane plan on Fell and Oak becomes reality. Preserve parking in OUR neighborhood.

    They want to remove over 90 parking spaces right in the heart of our neighborhood. Why not simply remove a traffic lane, or create a no parking zone during rush hour – that would serve everyone’s interest and result in a fair compromise.

    Reduce traffic and preserve parking for residents. That is what ASNA should be advocating. The implication of this message is that the ASNA agrees with the WIGGs or is neutral about this issue. I can only imagine the candidates tripping over themselves promising all sorts of things to the biking lobby that have nothing at all to do with protecting or improving the quality of life for actual residents of Alamo Square.

  4. gh1 says:

    Bike Coalition is not the Wigg Party. And the removal of parking spaces is the SFMTA’s plan. They are just inviting us to their forum.

    • Bob says:

      The email read more like an endorsement of the views of the WIGG party, and my point is that they do not care about the interests of residents, not that they are the same entity as the Bike Coalition. But if the intent was just to pass along an invite, then my mistake.

      Still, why hasn’t the ASNA developed a position on the SFMTA plan? Is it ASNA’s view that removing 90 spaces from the heart of the neighborhood is good for residents? Why has the ASNA been silent on this critical issue? I thought the ASNA was in favor of slowing down traffic, for example. Wouldn’t it have been a good idea to come out in favor of 3 of the 5 original plans that were proposed that would have removed a lane of traffic on Fell/Oak streets thus slowing down traffic through our neighborhood? There were many meetings about the SFMTA plan, but no participation by the ASNA at all (contrast that to the vocal opposition by the Haight Street Neighborhood Association, for example). Several of us have tried to bring it to the ASNA board’s attention, to no avail. This was well before the plans became final. So the lack of leadership, let alone what I mis-read as an implied endorsement of the plan, can rub some raw nerves.

      Parking is a major issue for our neighborhood. What of residential parking permits, for example? Notwithstanding the view of one board member and the owner of the building on the corner of Scott and Fulton (who hangs bedsheets from the side of a landmark building), most residents are very much in favor of residential parking permits. From what I could tell, most ASNA board members are as well (although I am under the impression that most seemed to either have off-street parking or don’t own cars). This will be even more critical once 90 spaces are removed. Many people routinely drive here, park all day, and take shuttle buses to work at CPMC, and I believe, UCSF. We’re practically the only neighborhood without permit parking. Would it be possible for the ASNA to organize an effort to get parking permits for our neighborhood? And if that is not the kind of action we can rely on from the ASNA, perhaps we can get a public statement or position as to why it can’t take the lead on organizing that effort.

      Sorry if this comes across as strident, but this is the only issue that matters to me and to several other people I know who live and park in the neighborhood, have school age children, etc.. It would be nice to think we could rely on the ASNA to represent our interests on this. Flea markets are nice, and I can live with the tour buses. I can’t live here if I don’t have street parking.

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