DPW Sewer Project Update 10/24/16

This Week (10/24)

Crews will continue work on remaining sewer laterals. This work will occur on Haight Street near the intersection of Haight and Fillmore. The “no parking” barricades will be placed at locations where sewer lateral and/or culvert work is to be performed. This work will not impact sewer service.

On Scott Street, south of Hayes Street, the Contractor is expected to complete the installation of the sewer main, a drainage culvert and two manholes.

Week of October 31, 2016

The contractor will begin sewer main replacement on Hayes Street between Lyon and Central streets.

On Haight St, between Scott St. and Buchanan St., the contractor will begin sewer main trench restoration work. The sewer trench restoration work on Haight Street, Scott to Buchanan, is expected to take 2.5 weeks to complete barring any weather delays.

The water lateral connection work is tentatively scheduled to commence towards the middle of the week on the 1400 block of Haight Street.

*** Please Note:  The schedule may change due to rain in the forecast. Please see the posted “no parking” barricades for exact parking restrictions. Parking restrictions may vary per block. ***

Feel free to contact Alex Murillo if you have additional questions/concerns. Also, please invite your neighbors to visit our project page and sign-up for email updates. The DPW project page is www.sfpublicworks.org/haight-hayes. Thank you.

Alex M. Murillo
Public Affairs Officer

Office of Communications & Public Affairs | San Francisco Public Works | City and County of San Francisco
30 Van Ness Ave., 5th Floor | San Francisco, CA 94102 | W (415) 558-5296 | sfpublicworks.org · twitter.com/sfpublicworks


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