SFMTA Wiggle Update

Bike Signal Scott Oak


Dear Neighbors,

Thank you for your continued patience, support, and interest in the Wiggle Neighborhood Green Corridor Project. Some near term improvements have been installed in the neighborhood during the first half of the year and a few more will be rolled out through the fall. The project will complete design later this summer and construction will start in early 2017 and end in early 2018. Please go to the project website for background information, project elements, and schedule.

2016 Improvements
You may have noticed some improvements have been installed in the neighborhood during the first half of 2016. “Painted safety zones” were installed at Oak Street and Scott Street and at Fell Street and Scott Street to improve visibility between pedestrian and motorist and encourage motorists to turn at slower speeds.

The bike lane along Scott Street was widened and painted green to better indicate space for vehicles and space for people who ride bikes. A few weeks ago, a “leading bike interval” with new bike signals was installed for cyclists traveling northbound at the intersection of Oak Street and Scott Street. The leading bike interval allows people who bike to enter the intersection before vehicles and facilitates the transition to the left turn bike lane one block north at Fell Street and Scott Street.

Restrictions on vehicles from turning left from Divisadero to Hayes Street and McAllister Street during peak periods have been implemented to reduce vehicle queuing and improve travel time for the 24- Divisadero.

Still to Come in 2016!
Signal timing changes to improve signal progression on Divisadero are expected to be complete and implemented in the fall. Traffic signals between O’Farrell Street and Hayes Street will be coordinated with the intent to improve traffic flow, travel time, and the operations of the 24-Divisadero.

A raised crosswalk (similar to a speed hump) will be installed later this summer at the intersection of Hermann Street and Steiner Street. The raised crosswalk will encourage motorists and people who ride bikes to yield to pedestrians, prioritize people who walk between Duboce Park and the east side of Steiner Street, and encourage motorists and people who ride bikes to travel at slower speed.

Construction Schedule
Public Works is nearing 100% design for the construction of the project and it is expected to be complete in August. Following 100% design, contractors will bid on the project with the construction contract awarded this fall. Once the contractor has been secured, the sequencing of construction for the project improvements will be determined by Public Works, the SFMTA, and the contractor. It is expected that construction will begin in January 2017 and last 12 months.


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