Trees for Future Generations – Alamo Square Fundraising Campaign


ASNA-logoGOOD news about the park closure! ASNA has launched a fundraiser to replace the trees that have died in the past few years and reforest the park for the next 100 years. Neighbors can contribute at and ASNA will match every dollar donated !  Your $100 contribution will allow ASNA to donate $200 directly to ASNA-badge-282x300the park.

The fundraising website has details, including information on how many trees will die of old age in the next few years.  This is our chance to ensure another 100 years of a beautiful urban park!



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3 Responses to Trees for Future Generations – Alamo Square Fundraising Campaign

  1. David P Moulton says:

    It’s nice that the renovation is happening now, but the timing seems poor. I don’t understand why they didn’t wait two weeks until after the Bay to Breakers. Now, instead of having a bunch of people sitting in the park watching the race go by and cheering on the runners, the runners will get to the top of the Hayes Street Hill and then run by a big fence. 😦

    • alamosq says:

      The park has been fenced off for Bay to Breakers for the last two years, so even if this project was further delayed, there would be a fence up around the park for Bay to Breakers. This project is long overdue.

  2. Bettina Birch says:

    Good morning Mr. Yee and Supervisor Breed:

    I am writing to you today because I know how important the Alamo Square Park improvements are to both of you.
    I am very concerned about the health of the trees on the West side (Scott Street between Hayes & Fulton).
    As you know there is considerable grading going on.
    Having worked with trees for over 50 years; the most important lesson I ever learned was .. Bury the crown of a tree…aka grading dirt so that it is too high at base of trunk…is the quickest and most sure way of killing a tree.
    On my daily walks I have observed the grading and I am deeply concerned about the trees on Scott side. I realize they are not done, but it looks like they are setting the grade and as it is….it is too high around the trunks of the trees.
    I hope you will take my observations to your arborist so that this can be corrected for the health of the trees and success of the project.
    Kind regards,
    Bettina Birch

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