Wiggle Neighborhood Green Corridor – SFMTA Approval Hearing on Tuesday Nov. 17

The SFMTA Board of Directors will be considering the Wiggle Neighborhood Green Corridor project at its November 17th meeting beginning at 1 PM. Please note that the agenda for the November 17th meeting is very full and it is unclear exactly what time the project will be heard. If you can’t make the meeting in person, please consider sending in a letter of support to mtaboard@sfmta.com.

Wiggle-FINALThe Board will consider the subset of the project recommendations that need to be approved and legislated. The following may be helpful in finding out more about the project:

  • The Wiggle Neighborhood Green Corridor Proposal at a Glance includes the key elements proposed for the project.
  • The Traffic Diversion Fact Sheet provides more details about circulation changes on Scott Street.
  • To read the official MTA board agenda, including other items, visit the SFMTA Board of Directors webpage (Note that official documents for the November 17 meeting will be posted closer to the meeting date).

You may share your thoughts on the project in an email to the Board of Directors at mtaboard@sfmta.com or in person at the board meeting. If you have specific questions, you may direct them to paul.stanis@sfmta.com

Further details about traffic calming components of the project are available on the SFMTA’s Wiggle Neighborhood Green Corridor webpage, while information on green infrastructure can be found on the PUC’s Green Infrastructure website.

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