Commuter Shuttle Program – Nov. 4, 2015

multiple shuttles 8th and market
Commuter Shuttle Program Public Open House

Wednesday, November 4, 2015, 5 pm —  7 pm
2nd Floor Atrium, One South Van Ness
One South Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94103

The SFMTA is proposing enhancing and extending its regulation of private commuter shuttles. You can read the newly released proposal (Commuter Shuttle Program Policy – Oct 16 2015).

With input from neighbors, elected officials, employers, shuttle operators and transportation professionals, the SFMTA will soon ask its Board of Directors to implement an ongoing Commuter Shuttle Program that will build upon the pilot in several key ways, including:

  1. Requiring buses over 35 feet long to travel on the major and minor arterial street network as defined by the California Department of Transportation, keeping them off smaller residential streets (See Map)*
  2. Requiring participating shuttle operators to use newer vehicles, lowering greenhouse gas emissions from the shuttle fleet
  3. Requiring shuttle operators to certify they are in labor harmony by submitting a plan that outlines efforts to maintain consistent and efficient shuttle service in the event of potential disruptions, including labor disputes
  4. Increasing enforcement resources devoted to shuttle zones and corridors and recovering the costs as part of the fee for participation in the program
  5. Increasing capital improvements at shuttle zones and corridors, with shuttle operators paying for their portion of the benefits as part of the fee for participation in the program

* During the transition, SFMTA staff proposes to work with participating shuttle operators to either relocate stops currently made outside of the arterial street network, or accommodate those stops using smaller vehicles

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2 Responses to Commuter Shuttle Program – Nov. 4, 2015

  1. matt says:

    The “See Map” link is to “http://Caltrans Arterial Street Network” – which does not load

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