MTA Board of Directors will vote on RPP on March 3


After years of discussion, the final proposal for RPP will be presented to the MTA Board of Directors on Tuesday, March 3.  MTA board hearings are open to the public for input and start at 1 p.m.  It is up to the MTA Board of Directors to decide if this proposal is approved.

MTA Board Hearing – Area Q proposal for residential permit parking
Tuesday, March 3
1 p.m.
City Hall Room 400

Attend the hearing to provide your input or email

The proposal originated when 250+ petition signatures were gathered by neighbors who wanted the area studied by SFMTA.  The Alamo Square Neighborhood Association got involved once we were notified that there were sufficient signatures to warrant a study.  Throughout the process we polled our members and held meetings to get input on the various iterations of this proposal.  At our February 2015 ASNA Board meeting, the ASNA Board of Directors voted as follows on the final proposal: 6 supported; 4 opposed; 2 abstained.  (12 board members were present for the vote.)  We will report our vote at the upcoming SFMTA hearing.

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1 Response to MTA Board of Directors will vote on RPP on March 3

  1. Anthony Strittmatter says:

    As a resident of Alamo Square for 19 years I find it increasingly more difficult to find parking in our neighborhood. I haven’t been able to park on my own block for several months now. I am in favor of Permit Parking. Please help me.

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