New Residential Permit Parking Area Proposed – Area Q


After reviewing preliminary proposals earlier this year, a revised Residential Permit Parking proposal, now called Area Q, has been developed with input from members of NOPNA, ASNA, and other neighbors and community members.

The area’s time limits, hours, and boundaries include the following streets, Monday-Friday:

  • Two-Hour Parking, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m., except Area Q Permits,for west of Divisadero bounded by Divisadero, Page, Masonic Ave., and Fulton
  • Two-Hour Parking, 9 a.m. – 8 p.m., except Area Q Permits, for east of Divisadero bounded by Divisadero, Page, Webster and Golden Gate Ave.
  • Extension of Area P:  Two-Hour Parking, 9 a.m.- 6 p.m., except Area P Permits for the area bounded by McAllister, Divisadero, Fulton, and Masonic Ave.

Streets where Area Q overlaps with adjacent RPP Zones (Area P, Area R, Area S) would be considered buffer streets, allowing for parking of vehicles with permits from either area.

Excluded from Area Q is any street with meters, including Divisadero between McAllister and Page and Fillmore from Golden Gate to McAllister.

Also excluded per SFMTA regulations is the side of the street immediately adjacent to any public park.  Streets immediately adjacent to parks will have 2-hour parking limits for all vehicles, regardless of whether or not they have an Area Q permit.

SFMTA’s next step in this process is to host a community meeting and public hearing for public input on this proposal.  Please attend to provide your input.

View MTA’s RPP-Area-Q map (PDF).

Residential Permit Parking Area Q Community Meeting/Public Hearing
Monday, Nov. 10, 2014
6 p.m.
San Francisco Day School, Auditorium
350 Masonic Ave. at Golden Gate

If you cannot attend the meeting, please email your input to

After the community meeting, the MTA Board of Directors needs to approve the proposal in order for the RPP area to take effect.

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9 Responses to New Residential Permit Parking Area Proposed – Area Q

  1. dina laquaglia says:

    the fact that all parking around alamo square park will be a 2 hour limit regardless of permit or not, has me pretty upset. this is where most folks that live in apartments around the park put their vehicles. are they worried the tourists will have no where to park? i would say this is not going to help the folks who live around the park… we would be losing many spaces!
    also, the link to kathryn studwell’s email is incorrect.

  2. Linh Pham-Jefferson says:

    @Dina, Residents will be eligible for permits, you will be able to park your car there all week. We are forced to drive to pick up our children from preschool after work. The lack of permits/parking at 6:30pm forces us to constantly circle/waste time.The RPP needs to extended to 9am – 9pm or later.

  3. dina says:

    @ linh pham-jefferson… this is what i don’t like (see below)… even if i have a permit, i won’t be able to park on streets adjacent to parks for longer than 2 hours. the area around the park is a large percentage of parking in the area.

    “Also excluded per SFMTA regulations is the side of the street immediately adjacent to any public park. Streets immediately adjacent to parks will have 2-hour parking limits for all vehicles, regardless of whether or not they have an Area Q permit”

  4. Linh Pham-Jefferson says:

    @Dina, I am sorry. I missed that the side right next to the park is 2 hours only, regardless of permit. Yes, that is a shame and but I guess some sort of compromise has to be reached. It is a public park that is meant to be enjoyed by all not just the locals. Regardless, I am looking forward to the RPP, it is designed to favor the residents without garages. We have a flat by Alamo square, trekking blocks with a couple of little ones in tow is not fun, less so when it rains.

  5. John Simonian says:

    So how exactly do NOPNA and SFMTA, both unelected bodies, decide what’s best for actual residents of the neighborhood? I just got the notice today. The hearing is in less than 2 weeks. What’s going on here?

    How will increasing the cost of parking make parking easier? Parking is fine how it is. You look for spots when you get home at night. How does a 2-hour limit help the people who actually live here?

    This is just a ploy by the city to generate more revenue (especially by issuing tickets to visitors who are unfamiliar with the new restrictions) and nothing more. Charging for parking permits doesn’t create more parking spaces.

    Hey SFMFTA, try doing your job. Why aren’t you regulating Lyft and Uber? Why have you allowed Google buses to use public spots for free for years?

    San Francisco is becoming unlivable unless you are a millionaire.

    • alamosq says:

      Hi John, this proposal did not come from NOPNA or ASNA it came from the neighbors who collected sufficient signatures to move this forward. The MTA analyzed the proposal and has set this in motion. This is the next step. I hope you can attend the hearing to provide your input.

  6. John Simonian says:

    Not only does this ridiculous idea force every resident to buy a parking permit, it makes it impossible to leave your car along the Panhandle or Alamo Square, two places that offer the most parking as of now. This is the worst of all words.

    Who comes up with these ideas?

  7. Patrick says:

    I hope this proposal is updated to include the areas in Haight Street that are going to be massively impacted by this. I live on Broderick between Waller and Haight and this will leave me stranded between S and Q parking. Like Alamo Square, Haight street is a big tourist destination. We have trouble parking as it is, but this proposal will greatly reduce where we can park and will also push all the non-residents (tourists and workers) to park in our lone street. I’m not sure why it has been left out, it’s an obvious gap from looking at the map.

    • alamosq says:

      Hi Patrick, this proposal has been going through several revisions and after the last public hearing at SFMTA, it sounds like they will be adding Broderick between Waller and Haight to the Area Q proposal area.

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