Residential Permit Parking Survey

We are seeking input from residents and local businesses about the proposed area for Residential Permit Parking (for background, please see

Please take our survey so we can gauge your interest.  We have developed two proposals.

(SurveyMonkey will recognize your IP Address and send you to their main site if you have already completed the survey.)

Once we get your input, we will finalize the proposal for MTA’s consideration.  MTA will then host a community meeting and notice all residents within the proposed area.  The last step will be an SFMTA Board public hearing for approval of the area.Thank you for your input.

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2 Responses to Residential Permit Parking Survey

  1. Rebecca says:

    Regarding your survey of those for and against residential parking permits, there seems to be no way for a count to be substantiated. One could vote again and again either way with only the email address to check against each vote.

    In any case, I am (as is my husband) completely against having to pay the city to park on my own street and do not want any of my guests to get parking tickets because they are staying in my house for more than two hours. Please take note.

    • alamosq says:

      The SurveyMonkey account only allows one vote per IP address and will re-direct the user to their main site if they already took the survey. Also, this is just a preliminary tool to determine general interest in either proposal, or neither. Thank you for your input! We appreciate it.

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