Victorian Alliance Grant Program

DID YOU KNOW that the Victorian Alliance of San Francisco has a Grant Program for Restoration?  
Deadline for Submission is January 15th!

Things to note: first preference to projects in San Francisco; second preference shall be given to projects within other Bay Area counties.  Nonprofit groups are given priority over commercial businesses.

The Grant Committee determines a project’s merit based on all of the following criteria:
a. Is the project a preservation project?
b. Is the project important?
c. Is the project focused on a specific architectural, decorative or historic resource?
d. Does the project represent good preservation; that is, does the project enhance or harm the resource?
e. Is the project an endeavor that the Alliance will be proud to support?

The committee gives preference to a project that asks for specific support rather than general contribution; that is, will the Alliance’s grant be used for something specific (such as restoration of a stained glass window, wood work or a structure)? 

The Committee is also directed to give preference to physical preservation/restoration projects over academic endeavors, so ask for a specific restoration project please!
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