AT&T utility box proposed for Scott Street


AT&T has proposed to install a new utility box in our neighborhood, on Scott Street, between Oak and Fell. This is part of their plan to install 726 boxes on sidewalks in neighborhoods all over the City. These boxes are for service to AT&T U-Verse customers.

We already have three other existing large electrical boxes on the very same side of the block where the new AT&T box is proposed.

Placing AT&T’s utility box on Scott Street at this location is in direct conflict with The Wiggle Neighborhood Green Corridor Project, meant to “improve walking conditions through the addition of green infrastructure” (aside from also creating bicycle route improvements).  Adding the proposed AT&T utility box at this central Scott Street location would be in conflict with this Green Corridor Project. (There is currently nothing green on this part of Scott Street — no tree, no shrub, no flower… just concrete and asphalt.)

Join neighbors in requesting that the City keep our public spaces as open as possible and not allow them to this new AT&T utility box. Demand a hearing and protect our sidewalks!

Email and ask that they not issue a permit to install this box, and hold a hearing to review alternative solutions for the neighborhood.  The permit request was posted on July 31.  We have 20 days to submit a request for hearing — email DPW by August 20.

Sample Letter/Email

I oppose the installation of an AT&T utility box at (proposed location). This cabinet should be located on private property or underground, according to DPW Order 175,566. Please do not issue a permit to install this box, please hold a hearing to review alternative solutions for my neighborhood.
Thank you,
(Your Name and Address)
cc: Your District Supervisor

To see a map of all the locations where AT&T wants to install these boxes, go to:

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