Oak and Fell bike lane hearing – Tues Oct 16

On Tuesday October 16th the Oak and Fell Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Project will be presented to the SFMTA Board of Directors for consideration of approval of parking and traffic changes. SFMTA staff will give a brief presentation, and members of the community will be given an opportunity to share their comments with the Board. We have received hundreds of email and phone comments to date, and we will summarize that feedback for the Board as well as the feedback collected throughout the planning process. Thank you for sharing your input as we strive to make San Francisco’s streets safer and more inviting for all who choose to walk and ride a bicycle. 

SFMTA Board of Directors Meeting
Date:                     Tuesday, October 16, 2012
Time:                    1:00 PM
Location:             City Hall Room 400 Van Ness Ave. , between McAllister and Grove

The final proposal includes bikeways that are adjacent to the curb and separate from motor vehicle traffic, corner bulbouts to shorten the pedestrian crossing distance, crosswalk enhancements and intersection “day lighting” to improve the visibility of pedestrians, and traffic signal changes to slow vehicles., The SFMTA acknowledges that converting on-street parking to separated bikeways and pedestrian bulbouts along these three blocks of Oak and Fell is an inconvenience to some residents and businesses. We are proposing measures to replace roughly half of parking spaces on nearby streets, with a net change of roughly 50 parking spots, or about 5% of the parking supply within a one-block radius of the project.  Please visit our website to review the full proposal (www.sfmta.com/OakFell).  If approved, bikeways and crosswalk enhancements could be implemented by the end of the year, and corner bulbouts and plantings could be installed by Summer 2013. 

Project website: www.sfmta.com/OakFell SFMTA Board of Directors information: http://www.sfmta.com/cms/cmta/mtaindx.htm

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