Send us your ideas for Alamo Square Park

Community Opportunity Fund Brainstorming Session
Wednesday May 9th, 7:30pm
Madrone Art Bar, 500 Divisadero Street
Dear neighbors,

In the next two months, ASNA will be applying for a $250,000 ‘Community Opportunity Fund’ grant to improve Alamo Square Park.  This is money from the 2008 Parks Bond (yes, your tax dollars-let’s bring some of them back into Alamo Square!).  
It is a highly competitive grant and the Selection Committee awards ideas that decrease maintenance (native-species landscaping, water conservation, etc), transform under-utilized areas, or turn single-use areas into multi-use areas.   Overall, the goal is to improve the community’s use of the park without increasing operational costs.  
So please help us think of innovative ways to draw the community into the park.

  • How can better design improve the use of neglected areas? 
  • How could creative landscaping foster art, live music, picnics, and events? 
  • How could the park better reflect our community identity?
  • What about young-adults and seniors… what could the park offer them? 
  • How can we attract tourists as more than a photo-op of the Painted Ladies?   

No idea is too ‘out-there’ — points are awarded in the selection process for creativity and innovation.   But please focus on ideas that utilize new trees, landscaping, or art.  New buildings or large construction projects are outside of the scope and budget of this project.   Send us ideas for any part of the park that you think needs help or could be transformed.   Ideas that don’t end up in the grant request will help inform the 100-year Strategy for Alamo Square Park that we are currently developing.     
Areas that we have identified as having a lot of potential include the eroded ‘picnic area’ next to the tennis court, the circular areas in the middle of the park, and the Scott Street entrances.      
Also, if you are a Landscape Designer or Arborist (or know someone who is) and are willing to donate your time and talents, please contact   
Please email your ideas to us… we look forward to them! 
Join us for a
Wednesday, May 9th
7:30-8:30 pm
Madrone Art Bar
500 Divisdero Street

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