Bay to Breakers 2012

A note from our NOPNA neighbors and D5 NAC:

Bay to Breakers is just around the corner. If you can remember back to last year, the Neighborhood Ambassador program was an important component of the holistic approach NOPNA and other neighborhoods along the route (D5 Neighborhood Action Committee) along with the race organizers and sponsors created to take the race back from a few drunken hooligans and make it Fun For Everyone.
D5NAC and race organizers have taken the lessons learned from last year and applied them to make some changes to this year’s race. You can hear about some of these changes this Thursday, 3/15/12 at the NOPNA General Meeting from 7-9pm at Oasis Cafe.
In the meantime, in order to prepare for race-day activities, we have opened up the website so you can register for the Neighborhood Ambassador Program. Training will take place prior to race-day this year, so go on over and sign up now before you forget.

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