Tour bus/parking surveys

We are experiencing technical difficulties and will post the Tour Bus/Residential Permit Parking surveys soon.  Thank you for your patience.  In the meantime, please review the SFMTA Draft Alamo Square Tour Bus Study.

Draft Tour Bus Study

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4 Responses to Tour bus/parking surveys

  1. Jim Siegel says:

    I am 100% opposed to Permit Parking in the Alamo Square neighborhood. There is not a problem during the day while the program would be in effect as parking is abundant during day time hours. Why should we pay the City $100 for the privilege of parking in our own neighborhood? The $100 is a regressive tax that affects the poor and elderly in an unfair proportion. It would be hugely inconvenient to any of us that have house guests, as who has extra time to to go to City Hall and pay for a permit each time we have guests! Also, it is a huge burden to anyone having a contractor work on their property as the contractor would have to move every two hours.
    I led the battle to stoop Permit Parking in
    the Haight Ashbury 20 years ago and we have successfully kept it from there. Alamo Square brought it up 10 years ago and I promised to fight it here then and will gladly use my mansion at Fulton and Scott to place giant signs opposing Permit Parking!!!
    Sincerely Jim Siegel, owner of The Westerfeld House 1198 Fulton

  2. Jim Siegel says:

    On a more positive note I would fully support the creation of more parking by installing diagonal parking where ever it is possible throughout the neighborhood.

  3. Brian K says:

    I’m against bringing permit parking to the Alamo Square area. During the day there is ample parking so need for a permit, and at night the permit is useless. Let me state that another way: Parking in the neighborhood is only difficult at night, but the permits aren’t effective after 6PM, so the permits aren’t going to help the parking problems.

    I lived on Belvedere Street in Cole Valley when Permit parking started in that neighborhood and the permits changed nothing: Parking was still ample during the day and terrible at night.

    Permits cost money, are a hassle to obtain, and make things especially annoying when you have out of town friends visit.

    Please, say no to permit parking!!

  4. Jackson says:

    Introducing Residential Parking permits around Alamo Square is an issue looking for a problem.

    During the day, parking can easily be found around the park.

    The people trying to organize permit parking, aren’t saying so but they really dislike tourists visiting the area.

    Of course, the City will support permit parking since it represents more ticket revenue for SFMTA. (I mean come on, enforcing parking meters and ticketing cars on Memorial Day, a national holiday?)

    No to the Alamo Square residential parking permit program.

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