Wigg Party Party – Thurs Dec 8

Thursday, Dec 8, 2011
6pm – 10pm
Future “Four Barrel Cafe/Bakery” Site
736 Divisadero Street


This month the Wigg Party Party falls on the same day as the Divisadero Art Walk. And so, for the first time ever, the Wigg Party Party (WPP) is coming out of the Sunshine Castle and onto Divisadero Street!WPP graciously been granted permission to use a dormant building on Divisadero for our Fall Talent Show.  Dormant isn’t exactly the right word because the space is currently coming back to life – in a few short months it will be a brand new cafe/bakery brought to you by the good folks of Four Barrel Coffee and the one and only Josey Baker.

But on Thursday night, this barren building will be transformed into the greatest display of talent this side of the fogline. There will be song and dance, poetry of words and motion, probably some displays of freakish physicality, and, of course, whatever talent YOU bring to the stage!

Come one, come all – become the art of the Divisadero Art Walk and help christen a new space for our neighborhood!

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