Chase Bank update

Effort Underway To Chase Chase Bank From Divisadero

When is a chain store not a chain store?  Chase seems to think they are exempt from the City’s formula retail policy requiring a hearing for chain stores in neighborhood commercial districts like Divisadero.

The matter will be heard before the Board of Appeals on March 16. If the appeal is successful, Chase will have to go before the Planning Commission to receive conditional use authorization to install a branch on that site.

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1 Response to Chase Bank update

  1. DT says:

    This is exactly what happened at Laurel Village. Banks are exempted from NC procedures under a standing determination made by the planning department. I suggest before you waste time and effort you go to the planning department directly and get it straight. They referred me to section 703.3(c)..exempt.

    The permit appeal is for the window and other sign changes. This is not a hearing on the basic approval of the plans or the permit issued for Chase to construct and move forward with the branch. The hearing will be limited to the contested permits not the whole project.

    Neighborhood meetings were held in November and December where the interested parties could shape their responses and present those at the right time. When approval was granted the following window for appeal passed without comment or action from anyone. All of the permit activity was easily available on the City permit web site. Why now?

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