Ragazza’s plans for outdoor seating

A note from our neighbors at Ragazza:

Dear Neighbor,
Ragazza has been serving up Neapolitan-style pizza, seasonal salads, antipasti and pasta with farm-fresh local ingredients and Italian-inspired beer and wine every night with love for four months now. We and the staff view a huge amount of our restaurant’s initial success to the warm, welcoming embrace of this neighborhood – thank you for your early support and enthusiasm!

And so we wanted to be the first to let our immediate neighbors know that Ragazza has applied with the San Francisco Planning Department for a conditional use permit to seat guests in our outdoor backyard patio, one of the few beautiful garden spaces in the area. Previous establishments at 311 Divisadero have served food and beverages without licenses, but Ragazza will only follow the formal, legal process.

A hearing will therefore be scheduled this spring. In advance, we wanted to send you some information about our plans for the outdoor operation, including our commitment to the neighborhood to limit hours, control noise, and maintain a clean environment. Please also see the enclosed background, as well as Ragazza’s pledges to you, our local and most loyal customers.

Please feel free to email us at info.ragazzasf@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns about the outdoor operation. We want this expansion of our business to the beautiful garden space to be a real positive for our neighbors, the cornerstone of our business!

Thank you again for your support. We look forward to seeing you soon.
Best wishes,
Chef Sharon Ardiana
Laurie Aaronson
Managing Members of the Ragazza family

Ragazza’s Pledge to the Neighborhood

As a small business and neighborhood establishment that respects and relies on
local residents, we commit to:
1. Voluntarily limit the hours we serve outside.
2. Prohibit live, recorded, or any amplified sound in the outdoor area.
3. Only serve beer and wine, not hard alcohol, in a non-smoking environment.
4. Ensure that the outdoor garden is kept tidy, clean, and free of debris.
5. Post visible signs to remind patrons to be respectful of our neighbors.
6. Train staff to assist with noise abatement as part of their job duties.
7. Remove any patron who does not observe our outdoor garden seating rules.
8. Prioritize local hiring practices for both wait staff and kitchen jobs.
9. Routinely solicit input from our neighbors to sustain harmonious operations.

Questions and Answers on Ragazza’s Garden Patio
Didn’t prior restaurants located here serve food and drink outside?
Yes, but they were not legally licensed to do so. Ragazza wants to follow the rules and regulations of the city of San Francisco, so we have applied for the appropriate permits and licenses with both the Planning Department, as well as the Bureau of Alcohol Beverage Control.

Will you be serving late night in the garden?
No! Ragazza has opted to voluntarily restrict our outside operating hours for the garden, and we have indicated this on the permit application. Patrons and service items will be cleared from the garden by 10 pm (10:30 on Friday and Saturday).

The outdoor patio area shall be cleared of customers outside of these hours. Setup shall occur one half hour prior to the commencement of seating and cleanup and clearing of tables shall be completed within the hours noted above.

Will you be serving hard alcohol in the garden?
No. Our license is for beer and wine only. We are not licensed to serve hard alcohol or liquor at any time, and will not pursue such a permit. Additionally, our garden will be non-smoking.

How will the restaurant and neighborhood benefit with this addition of garden seating?
1. The garden will provide a beautiful al fresco dining area, which is a rarity in the neighborhood.
2. The addition of roughly 20 seats, equivalent to what previous restaurants utilized in the space outside, will alleviate frustrating wait times at peak dinner hours for neighborhood diners.
3. Once approved we also plan to expand by serving brunch in the garden on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 am to 2:30 pm.
3. New business will allow us to create more local jobs, as we hire a significant number of neighborhood residents.
4. Additional revenue generates tax revenue for the city, in terms of sales tax and the local San Francisco payroll.

Additional questions? E-mail info.ragazzasf@gmail.com.

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